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  • Cable Strung...
    Cable Strung with Ruby & Emerald Beads, L-16 inches + Loops
    22K Gold
  • QME256 Bracelet...
    QME256 Bracelet with Diamond 231=2.15 ct L-6.75 inches
    22K Gold
  • Filigree style
    Filigree style with screw Diameter 45mm
    22K Gold
  • G9604 Beauty...
    G9604 Beauty with Red & White stones NJ2.00 L- 15 inches ...
    22K Gold
  • Wonderful Albert...
    Wonderful Albert Chain with machine cut L-24 inches
    22K Gold
  • Designer...
    Designer collection with Diamond 18=0.45 ct L-0.5 inches W-...
    22K Gold
  • ST272 Floral...
    ST272 Floral collection L-5.5 inches NJ1.00 White rhodium
    22K Gold
  • Love Band Men
    Love Band Men - T - 4mm - 8gr Lady - N - 4mm - 6gr
    22K Gold
  • ST43 Baby Coin...
    ST43 Baby Coin Panchautham - Both side Print Size 24 x 19mm
    22K Gold
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